The Associated Press has an in depth story on the recent boost of EV sales in Minnesota. The story looks at how EV sales are increasing not just in the metro but in greater Minnesota as well, and with market movement like announcements such as GM’s intent to move to all EV cars by 2035  and increased investments in infrastructure like charging stations, the trend looks to continue. The story notes that the EV inventory has not yet caught up with demand.  A 2019 study by the Minnesota Department of Transportation found that there were just 19 models of electric cars available in Minnesota compared to 43 total models available. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Clean Cars Minnesota initiative will help solve this problem by bringing more EV models to Minnesota.

From the story:

The electric vehicle market is growing… with EV sales in the state doubling from 2017 to 2018.

General Motors, one of the largest auto manufacturers in the country, announced in January its plan to sell only electric light duty vehicles by 2035. Other auto manufacturers are also working to increase their electric vehicle fleet.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is in the process of adopting a rule that would require auto manufacturers to deliver more vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions, like EVs, for sale in the state, increasing each year. An administrative law judge is in the process of writing a report on the rule based on public feedback. If the judge approves the plan, the regulations would go into effect in January 2024.

A Climate and Energy omnibus bill moving through the state Legislature includes investments for the electric vehicle market, including funding for charging stations and rebates for EV purchases.

Hunter Ellis, a sales consultant for Mankato Volkswagen, has seen an uptick in demand for electric vehicles but said that inventory hasn’t caught up yet.

Ellis specializes in Volkswagen’s ID.4, an SUV that is the first global all-electric vehicle from the company. There are demos of the vehicle at Mankato Volkswagen, but the dealership won’t have the vehicle for sale on the lot until next year. Ellis said there is already interest in the vehicle, with five to 10 customers having submitted orders or are in the process of doing so.

He anticipates even more interest once the vehicle is available locally. “Demand is going to continue as infrastructure grows,” he said.

You can read the full story here.