Action Needed!

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is planning to adopt clean car standards and would like to hear your feedback and comments. These standards will protect our air, give consumers more pollution-free vehicle choices, and save Minnesotans money. If you believe it’s time to address climate change and make common-sense decisions that benefit our state, we need your voice in this process.

Transportation is the #1 source of climate pollution in Minnesota, and cleaner cars are one of our greatest opportunities to reduce emissions. Clean car standards will require car manufacturers to supply more pollution-free cars, trucks and SUVs to Minnesota consumers.

There are more than 40 models of electric cars sold in the U.S., but most of them aren’t available at Minnesota auto dealers. American automakers like Ford and GM have announced plans for dozens of new electric models in the next five years, including electric crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks. Clean car standards will ensure they are available on local car lots throughout the state.

The future is electric. But things aren’t changing quickly enough to protect our local environment. Minnesota is on the cusp of joining fourteen other states and the District of Columbia in adopting clean car standards. You can help it happen by submitting a comment today.

Take action now by submitting a comment. Need some ideas? Here's some suggested language:


I’m a parent and I support clean car standards. Cleaner cars mean cleaner air for my kids, along with other vulnerable folks like the elderly and those with preexisting conditions who are most affected by the harmful effects of vehicle emissions. Clean car standards will dramatically reduce these emissions and help protect my kids (and everyone else too!) when they’re waiting at the bus stop, walking in the neighborhood, or even just playing in the yard. Human health is at stake and the longer we wait, the more kids whose current and future health and wellbeing will be harmed by dirty vehicle emissions.


I support clean car standards. I’m a young person and I believe the future is in our hands. We need to do everything we can right now to reduce carbon emissions and save our communities and environment. Clean car standards are another step on Minnesota’s path to cutting climate change-causing greenhouse gas emissions and saving our state, country, and planet.

Business Owners

I’m a business owner and I support clean car standards. Clean car standards are important to businesses like mine because they will serve as an economic and workforce engine for our state. Clean energy jobs will play a key role in our state’s post-COVID-19 economic recovery and my business depends upon a healthy and financially stable Minnesota workforce. Clean car standards will keep our state on the right track to reduce our carbon footprint all while aligning with our business goals.

Electric Vehicle Owners

I’m an EV owner and I support clean car standards. Driving an electric vehicle in Minnesota is a freeing experience. You can go from point A to point B without worrying about harmful tailpipe emissions, the car warms up almost immediately in the winter, and the maintenance costs are minimal because there’s no moving combustion engine to keep up with. Clean car standards would give the 6 in 10 prospective car buyers in Minnesota who are interested in electric vehicles the opportunity to actually see and test drive a much wider variety of makes and models – many of which currently don’t even make it to our state because they go to states with clean cars standards. Buying a car or truck is a big choice and Minnesotans deserve the chance to weigh all options.

Climate Change Advocates

I care about our environment and I support clean car standards. Climate change is threatening Minnesota’s forests, water, and air. Our winters are already warming faster than the national average, and our northern boreal forests are at risk of disappearing. Cars and trucks on the roads are the #1 source of climate change-causing pollution in our state and nationally so we need to act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before it’s too late. Clean car standards are a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to protecting our environment. Reducing vehicle emissions will slow climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Let’s act before it’s too late.

Environmental Justice Advocates

I support clean car standards. Communities of color and under-resourced communities currently bear the brunt of negative health impacts from air pollution – especially pollution caused by transportation. Policies like this are a step toward dismantling policies and other systemic barriers that disproportionately harm Minnesota’s most vulnerable and marginalized communities

Minnesotans for Clean Cars is a coalition of local organizations concerned about climate change, including: